Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heroes and Handbags - Last Call!

Heroes and Handbags

Last Chance to purchase tickets!

We are really excited about Heroes and Handbags this year! If you have already purchased your table/ticket, we look forward to seeing you at the event! If you have not yet purchased your ticket/table (or have friends who still need to purchase)... THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to attend THE brunch of the year! Limited tickets are still available on a first-come, first-served basis. (Priority seating is available for those purchasing a table.)

Houston - Wednesday, April 1, 2009 - River Oaks Country Club - 10 am
Houston tickets are available for purchase through Friday, March 27 - please download HOUSTON contract.

Dallas - Friday, April 3, 2009 - Hilton Anatole Chantilly Ballroom - 9:30 am
Dallas tickets are available for purchase through Tuesday, March 31 - please download DALLAS contract.

We would love to see you at this year's event!
- Jenny and Larissa
Co-Founders, Heroes for Children

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Family Fun Activities

As you all know we focus on the entire family when it comes to mission delivery. Not just the child with cancer, not just the parents, we don’t exclude the siblings. We want to be sure the entire family is taken care of.

We have a potential grant opportunity to provide monthly activities for families with children battling cancer. The activities would be for the whole family to create happy memories and strengthen family bonds! We need your help to come up with the best possible family activity ideas!!

What do you like to do as whole family? Think back over the past few years to what you have done as a family and what special memories you have with your family. Please share any all ideas in the comments section. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teen provides hope (and a laptop!)

Laptops for Love provides teens with a laptop. Battling cancer is tough for kids of all ages. I often think teenagers have it the hardest because of the social/emotional aspect of dealing with life with cancer. In a time in their life when their friends and social lives are their world, these teens are facing isolation from others. Many will miss up to a year of school. They have to keep away from large groups for risk of infection. The whole football team can't pile in their room to cheer them up. A laptop can provide them to a link to the outside world.

Natalia, a beautiful 16 year old cancer patient at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, recognizes the need for a laptop. Through supporters, Natalia got a new laptop to keep up with everything from schoolwork to updating her Care Page (a free service that helps patients keep friends and family abrest of what is going with their treatment). Her father's company has a donation to be made. Recognizing the benefit a laptop has had on her, Natalia has made a big decision. She researched organizations benefiting Texas Children's Hospital and she found Heroes for Children. Specifically, she was interested in Laptops for Love. The donation that is being made is being sent to help HFC purchase a new laptop.

But Natalia didn't stop there. She found someone she believes both deserving and in need of a laptop. She reached out to another patient in the hospital, a new friend that she has bonded with due to their treatments and current situations. Last Friday, I received a phone call from Natalia to discuss her friend and how she can go about getting her a laptop. I have to tell you--I hung up the phone, stared at my computer for a moment, and let the tears flow down my face. Here is a young girl facing the very same cancer my daughter did five years ago. She has taken her situation and made a decision to do something to help someone else. She isn't just letting her current situation get her down. She's making a difference.
I'm so thankful for people like Natalia. I'm thankful that because of her another teen will receive that necessary link to friends, family, and schoolwork. I'm thankful that there are kids like her doing good for others, and I'm thankful for the inspiration she gave me this week.
Natalia--you're my hero!!