Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heroes for Children is blogging!

With the increasing blogging communities, Heroes for Children ("HFC") recognizes the effectiveness of a blog to communicate with current and future supporters of our organization. Not familiar with Heroes for Children? Founded in memory of Taylor Anne Brewton and Allison Leigh Scott, the mission of Heroes for Children is to provide financial and social assistance to families, within the state of Texas, with children (0-22 years of age) battling cancer.

Did you know that more than one thousand children each year will be diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer in the state of Texas? After a diagnosis of cancer, families must find a way to cope financially with high medical costs. Childhood Cancer treatments typically include chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and frequent clinic visits, all of which can last anywhere from six months to three years. Additionally, a parent must take on increased care responsibilities for the child, at times giving up a full-time job to do so. Care costing $600,000 and up usually exceeds the lifetime maximum benefits. With the already intense emotional burden, having to worry about financial matters is more than any family should have to bear. The assistance Heroes for Children provides helps to alleviate some of the financial stress families often face. To date, no request has ever been denied.

Recent examples of funding include:

  • Helping families cover everyday household expenses including rent and utilities.
  • Purchasing wigs for teenage girls returning to school after chemotherapy.
  • Covering lab fees to test siblings as a bone marrow match for a patient.
  • Gas and travel expenses for families to travel to and from treatment.
  • Covering insurance premiums for a family to retain insurance coverage.

What are Everyday Wishes?

An everyday wish is a simple wish that makes a huge impact. It is the wish we all have for our children to be happy and healthy, the wish to provide for our families, and the wish to make a difference. It is our goal that through the everday assistance provided by Heroes for Children, these wishes turn into realities for families.

So, what can you expect from a blog about Heroes for Children?

It is our intent to utlitize this blog as an educational tool for our readers. We will cover various topics pertainting to both our organization as a whole and childhood cancer. Feature writers include:

  • Larissa Linton--Co-Founder of Heroes for Children and Taylor Brewton's mom. Larissa currently works as the Director of Development for Heroes for Children. Her passion for helping other families during this time comes from the first hand experience of having friends and family provide support during their family crisis. During Taylor's illness, friends raised money for a nanny for Larissa's other children with a golf tournament called "Tee Off for Taylor." It was in that giving spirit that the organization, originally named Taylor's Angels, was created.
  • Jenny Scott-Co-Founder of Heroes for Children and Allie Scott's mom. Jenny is the Executive Director of Heroes for Children and mother of Maggie. Allie's illness brought awareness on the internet to thousands of people following through Jenny's blog. Supporters of friends, family, and strangers wept for Allie's death at the age of eight months 27 days and have continued to support the efforts of Heroes for Children.
  • Dana Eisenberg--Dana serves this year as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. She is a survivor in many ways--beating both breast cancer and fighting (and beating!) leukemia with her son, Sam. Sam was 3 1/2 when diagnosed with AML (his twin brother, Ethan was his bone marrow donor), an aggressive leukemia, and now keeps Dana busy with kindergarten!
  • Tracey Robinson--Tracey is counselor at the University of Texas in Austin for freshmen students. Tracey has been a volunteer of HFC and also participated in a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lyphoma Society in Allie Scott's name.
  • Jennifer Houser--Jennifer is a member of the Advisory Board of HFC. On September 13, 2001, just two days after the 9/11 attacks, Jennifer's son Ryan was diagnosed with ALL, the common childhood form of leukemia, at the age of fifteen. We are proud to say he is now a senior at Baylor University! Jennifer's appreciation for her son's health drives her to make a difference in the lives of Texas families facing the same terrifying news of "your child has cancer."
  • Melissa Heather--After her son's were born 10 weeks premature, Melissa thought the worst was behind her. At ten months of age, one of her twins Brandon was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a form of liver cancer. Brandon's treatment has been moving on schedule, finishing his third round of chemo and heading into surgery. On February 20, 2007, he celebrated his first birthday!
  • Randi McParlin--Randi serves as a member of the Board of Directors of HFC and the Live Auction Chair for the event, Heroes and Handbags, for the past two years. She comes from a large family and has a passion and heart for serving others.
  • Lauren Zlotky--Lauren came up with the idea of this great blog!! A mother of two sets of twins (yes, you read that correctly), Lauren is commited to helping other families. She too became involved after continously supporting Dana and Sam Eisenberg's cancer journeys, including babysitting for Sam's brother Ethan, bringing meals, and raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymohoma Societyin Sam's honor.

Expect to read articles about the success of Heroes for Children with regards to fundraising and family assistance, read about firsthand knowledge of childhood cancer, and hear how passion can lead a life. We will discuss topics general to our field of nonprofit fundraising and childhood cancer as well as delve into specifics of Heroes for Children. We hope you can come along on this journey! Be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay up to date with new blog entries.

Let the blogging begin!


Adrianne said...

This wonderful blog is now added to my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Love the title, love the blog! I'll check it daily!

Jonalee said...

Yay! So wonderful to see this new blog! I've followed Allie from the beginning and it's so inspiring to see everything that has transpired in her memory. Congrats HFC!

Sugar Photography said...

Congratulations on the new blog! Love the name, and can't wait to read about the wonderful families that Heroes touches!


christy said...

I'm so excited to see the new blog. Jenny, you and Larissa have done so many wonderful things and I'm excited to read about all of your future endeavors.

BreeAnne said...

Thanks for posting the link on DAM! I look forward to reading the entries!

Donna said...

Can't wait to hear about all the good stuff HFC is doing. Can we get a guest spot from one of the Three Wise Men now and then on medical issues or the oncologist's perspective?

Penny said...

OH this is GREAT. I am so excited.

Lisa said...

I've followed Allie and HFC from the beginning and I think this is a wonderful idea. I'm friends with Tracey R. and Christy M. and I'll definitely be checking out your blog to see how I can get involved here in Austin.

Tracy said...

Hi Jenny, I am so excited you started this blog! Beside having been a big part of FOA, I am proud to say I am friends with Tracey. I can't wait to read about all of the wonderful things to come!

dereksmommie said...

I am so excited to read more news. I will definitely be visiting daily. Love the title and the blog. What a great idea.

dereksmommie said...

I am so excited for this new adventure.. I will definitely be a daily visitor. All of you are extraordinary women. I love the whole layout of this blog. Very easy to navigate.
Can't wait to read more great details

Kimberly said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks to Tracey R for telling us all about it. I've subscribed so that I won't miss any of the wonderful contributors you have lined up. Let the learning begin.

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Welcome, welcome to the blogosphere! I'm linking you to my blog and will be visiting often. Can't wait to read more!


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Love the new blog! :)

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Wow, I'm soo excited, love to hear all that HFC is doing! Let the blogging begin!! The title is perfect, your in my fav's.

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This is wonderful. I will be adding it to my favorites, can't wait to hear more about the great things HFC is doing.

Jennifer C.

oncmom said...

As a mom who first followed and was touched by Allie's story, and then ended up with my own story when my dd was diagnosed with cancer this summer I look forward to reading this blog. Keep up the inspirational work!

Anonymous said...

What an exciting new chapter for HFC!!