Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heroes in Houston

Heroes for Children has recently expanded both our fundraising and most importantly financial giving to families to Houston. Families at MD Anderson and Texas Children's Hospital receive assistance from Heroes for Children (through referrals on our website completed by the hospital social workers). We have been asked a few times "Why Houston?" Why expand?

The answer is simple--

Here is an application received last Friday for a patient in Houston (all information on the patient is deleted for privacy reasons):

Age: 14
Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma
Diagnosis date: April 2004
Information (written by hospital social worker):
Patient is a 14-year-old female who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma 3 years ago. She had extensive treatment at that time and was managing well until her recent relapse. Dad is disabled and mom is a breast cancer survivor, so their finances are very limited.
They are behind on numerous bills due to the care that is needed for patient and their inability to work. They are at risk of losing their home and possessions.
Needs: House taxes and furniture loan
Gifts Received: Make-A-Wish - trip to Disney World about 2 years ago.

Heroes for Children mailed the check today.

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christy said...

Heroes for Children is amazing, amazing, amazing. Jenny and Larissa, you both took your pain and turned it into something so good and you help so many people now. I'm glad to see you expand to Houston and can't wait for you to expand even more :)