Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cancer stinks!!

It seems like everyday, more and more people around us get diagnosed with cancer. It is mind boggling, and hard to understand. Just last week, a dear friend had surgery for breast cancer, a young mother....why???? Then another friends husband was diagnosed with AML, after they already lost a child at the age of 2. We can put men (and women) on the moon, but can't discover what causes or cures cancer?? It is such a hard part of my job to think of all the parents and families out their that are currently dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis. It is so heartbreaking, when you know personally what they are experiencing. Very sad. While HFC can help, it is never enough, and we can not wipe away the pain. Cancer robs these precious kids of their childhood, and that is NOT FAIR!! Taylor would be 10 years old next month. TEN!! It is hard to believe. I only had her for 4 1/2 precious years. Not near enough time.
Karen Stevenson, aka "Cupcake" is a fabulous photographer here in town. She has taken some great pics of all my kids. Her old assistant, recently lost her son to complications from leukemia. Karen is having a photography contest to raise money for the family. All you need to do is snap a close up picture of your child's eyes, send it to her and a $5 minimum donation. All $ goes to the family, and you have a chance to win a great prize!! Check out for all the details!!
On a brighter note, my 3 kiddos are all doing great and enjoying their summer!! Lots of time spent at the swimming pool, (well except for this week!) Luke just LOVEs the water, and will stick his entire face in it! Tristyn loves to carry him across the shallow end, while he kicks his little feet!! They are such blessings in my life! Tristyn even will put Luke down for his nap or bedtime now! What a huge help she is!! That will come in handy when baby sis is born! We had a great time at our board of directors/advisory board pool party last Sunday. All the kids enjoyed swimming, sliding down the huge waterslide and chowing down on some delicious hamburgers! Thanks to the Smith Family for hosting us!
Happy Summer!!

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