Thursday, July 5, 2007

Welcome Christi!!

I'm bubbling over with excitement! Just a few more days and Heroes for Children grows by one new staff member! Please join me in welcoming Christi Disch as the new Special Events Coordinator of Heroes for Children!

Christi joins the HFC team on Monday ready to jump in to our planning process for all our fall events. No, we won't make her responsible for all the events right away, but we're SO looking forward to an extra pair of hands around here. She will work specifically on Hold'Em for Heroes and Heroes and Handbags Dallas and Houston, as well as assisting with the others.

Christi, known to our Houston group as "Christi the Intern" has been volunteering for us since January. She attended all meetings with the Core Team of Heroes and Handbags Houston to assist in the coordination of the inaugural event. A Rice senior looking for her out of college job, she contacted us last December. She found us and loved the mission of Heroes for Children, having her own personal experience with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (I'll leave that story to Christi). Her passion for working for nonprofit and her drive truly impressed and inspired us.

At the time, we had no position available, but we knew our rapid growth was going to leave us needing someone sooner than later. So, I struck a deal with her--volunteer with the Houston group for Heroes and Handbags and see how you like us (and us see how we liked her--we LOVED her instantly though!). My promise was that if it all worked out, we would have something to offer her by April, or she could go elsewhere in Dallas to let another nonprofit snatch her up. Then, I began planting the seeds to the board. By April, we had a position created and an offer ready. Three months later, we are anxiously awaiting her official start date here in the HFC office!

So, I ask you our blog followers, please welcome our new staff member! Leave her a comment to give her a warm welcome on her first job (and a giant congratulations for graduating from Rice University this May!)


Anonymous said...

Welcome Christi! I'm sure you will be an invaluable part of an amazing team. HFC rocks! (but then, you know that).

Tracy said...

Welcome Christi!! Congratulations on graduating from Rice. What a wonderful opportunity to work for HFC right out of college.

Anonymous said...

Huge Welcome Christi!!! I'm so happy to hear you will be working with HFC! HFC is such an amazing organization and will always hold a special place in my heart. Can't wait to hear about all the fun new events you help to plan!


christy said...

Congratulations on your graduation from Rice. And welcome to HFC. I have no doubt that you'll love working with Jenny & Larissa since they are truly amazing ladies.

Good luck!!!

Cheryl said...

YEA!!!!!! Christi, I am so excited that you are joining us at HFC. We have been waiting months for you and I can hardly believe the time is here. You are going to be of such value to HFC and we are all looking forward to working with you.