Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Celebration for Heroes for Children!

The Board of Directors broke open a bottle of champagne in celebration last night. We toasted the memories of Allie and Taylor and the many families we have served since our creation in November of 2004. Our celebration? The fact that we crossed over the HALF A MILLION DOLLAR mark in relation to our program services for cancer families!! As we were still operating as Taylor's Angels until the end of 2004, we count this total from January 2005 to today.

That's right, half a million dollars spent on families in less than three years! So, what does that mean exactly? Well, it's....

  • 6 hospitals in Texas
  • 695 requests for assistance
  • 52 laptops donated directly to older children battling cancer
  • 48 funerals
  • 20 sperm banking requests
  • 10 wigs for teenage girls
  • Thousands of beads through the Beads of Courage program at Medical City Children's Hospital and coming soon to Christus Santa Rosa and MD Anderson
  • 2 wheelchair ramps
  • 1 prosthetic eye (covered the expense for a patient with eye cancer)
  • Much, much more!

I cannot tell you how happy we are to celebrate this milestone. Thank you for being apart of our celebration! Raise a glass--here's to many more requests and the next half a million to families!!


Debbie said...

How super exciting is that!!!!! You guys are rocking and rolling!! I am so proud of you!!! What a fabulous job you have all done!!!!

Tracy said...

Congratulations!!! What an amazing job all of you have done to help families at the worst times in there life. You have been that little ray of sunshine and hope that touched them more than they can probably ever express in words.

Way to go ladies!!!

Amanda said...

Wow, I am in complete awe of what you have accomplished. Congratulations.

Saint Richard said...

What a fantastic accomplishment! Congratulations!

Tracey Robinson said...


Emily Gore said...

I am so proud of you all! I have "known" Jenny and Allie since she was pregnant (from BabyCenter). Allie and my son are 6 days apart. I still to this day check in on Jenny and her family (and now her friends!) every since day. I just love what you all have done with HFC! It is certainly my "charity of choice!" Love you guys and keep up the hard work! ♥

LaDeeda Photography said...

Awesome! Congratulations...that is an accomplishment! The list of things HFC has covered makes such a difference in these children's lives. HFC is an inspiration, no doubt!