Friday, February 8, 2008

HFC Friends Grant Milestone for a Prima Ballerina

Look at all of these amazing ballet items!!! We asked and HFC Friends delivered! Last week we received a request for 7 year old girl in Houston who wants to become a ballerina. Since she has a very supressed immune system she cannot take ballet lessons with other girls. A Houston ballet company graciously stepped in to offer her private lessons. They will even schedule the lessons around her chemo treatments.

Heroes for Children stepped in to provide the soon to be Prima Ballerina with her very own ballerina wardrobe. Included her ballet package were leotards, tutus, tights, tap and ballet shoes, a dance bag, a photo album to capture the memories, and a little girly make-up so she can be glamorous for each lesson. Plus a few Hello Kitty items just because their her favorite. An HFC Friends Family even donated their dvd camcorder so the ballerina's parents can record the precious moments with thier child. We even were able to provide her two younger sisters with ballet outfits, so they can be just like their big sister!

Thanks so much HFC Friends for granting this request!

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Erin said...

Love all the prima ballerina goods... Hooking up a little ballerina with Bloch shoes is always a good thing too! :)