Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Perfect Handbag

Elaine Turner is an amazing, generous woman with a heart of gold. Oh yeah, she also happens to be an extremely talented handbag designer!! Elaine has been involved with Heroes for Children since last year, and has played a huge part of Heroes and Handbags. Last year Elaine attended the events in both Dallas and Houston, and her Northpark store hosted our wrap party. She also donated alot of gorgeous Elaine Turner handbags !! This year, she is even more involved and has gone so far to design .....(drum roll, please......) an ALLIE BAG and a TAYLOR BAG!!! The Taylor bag is a gorgeous red bag, (yes, red was Taylor's favorite color!!) The darling yellow bag is the Allie bag!!
Elaine and her FAB team have also announced that they will be donating 50% of the sales of the Allie and Taylor bag back to HFC on the day of the Heroes and Handbags events!! (March 26th and April 4th!!) Let us know if you want one! These are great bags!! We also just had a couple of great photoshoots with Elaine's handbags and SHOES that were posted in a previous blog!!
Thanks to Elaine, Heather and everyone at Elaine Turner for having such a huge heart for HFC!!!

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