Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Letter of Thanks

Heroes for Children recently assisted a young man, Anthony, with both financial assistance as well as a gift of a laptop through our Laptops for Love program. Today, this letter of thanks was in our mail.....

Dear Heroes for Children,

Thank you for helping my son and our family. At first, when the social worker at the hospital told us about your organization and your willingness to help, I was overwhelmed, feeling we did not deserve such generosity and kindness. I personaly have never been good at asking for or accepting help, but we are learning. Since my son's diagnosis on December 8, 2007, life has been a whirlwind. There has been so much too learn. Learn about cancer, learn about nutrition, medicines, shots, side effects, blood counts, clinic, hospitals, insurance, and all this information felt like it was coming at us all at one time. Add to that worrying about finances and loss of income. Your generosity has helped ease our immediate needs. Thank you!

My 17 year old son, my only child, a senior in high school was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. The mass was located around his heart and trachea, and he was in very serious condition when we arrived at Cook Children's Medical Center. Ten days in ICU and then another seven on the cancer floor. After four rounds of chemo and 14 days of radiation we now hope and pray that the cancer is gone and that minimal damage, or better yet no damage, has been done to his heart and lungs.

Anthony is doing well as he has throughout treatment. He has been an inspiration to me and those he comes into contact with. He has remained positive through this experience. It has changed him, not just physically, or medically, but at his core. His compassion for others has grown. He has always been a very sincere young man, but it seems more so now.

On June 1, 2008, Anthony will graduate with his class as a Texas Scholar. In August, he will attend the Texas Massage Institute and in the spring of 2009 will begin college studying to become a Doctor of Chiropractics.

Again, I thank you so much. Your organization truly did make a difference!


Anthony's mom


Zhohn said...

Thank you Heroes for Children! You guys are great!
Best of luck to Anthony.

snekcip said...

What a beautiful story, I love this site and the wonderful things you have done for these families in need. You are truly EARTH ANGELS and I continually lift this organization and the families represented in prayer. May God continue to shower you with HIS AWESOME GOODNESS and may you continue to bring smiles to families in need! I don't believe their are enough words in the HUMAN LANGUAGE to describe the AWESOME THINGS this ORGANIZATION DOES!!!

I would like to wish Anthony SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS and GODSPEED on his healing.

Anonymous said...

As someone who had the privilege of delivering a laptop through the Laptops for Love program, I can say with all confidence that Heroes for Children truly makes an impact in the lives of families fighting cancer.

I'm so proud of this organization!