Friday, April 17, 2009

Hospital Walkie Talkie Hide N Seek

I came across this caringbridge page today and I had to share. It's a great example of how the little things can brighten your day in the hospital.

Dylan is well known to Heroes for Children. He and his family came to the Valentine's Dinner and had a blast. We are excited to share this spunky little guy's favorite hospital past-time with you!

Hospital Walkie Talkie Hide N Seek

Note- Game is best played when players are not attached to IV poles. IV poles are easy to spot, make sudden moves difficult and impede the progress of the Game.

Object of the Game: To provide entertainment on Sundays when the Playroom is closed.

Number of Players: 2-4 players

Equipment: Walkie Talkies

Space Required: An entire hospital floor

Skill Level: Advanced levels of boredom

Skills Required: Running, Hiding, Seeking, Heckling and Ability to improvise law enforcement and repeatable truck driver lingo

Playing Time: Can be played until nurses have had enough.

How to Play the Game:

The Game starts with all players staring into the closed dark Playroom. Each player, or team of players, is given a walkie talkie. Players then walk in opposite directions zigging and zagging down hallways until they can no longer see each other. The goal is to move as far away as possible from your opponent.

After 30 seconds Player One attempts to contact Player Two via the walkie talkie. Contact by Player One is an attempt to engage Player Two in conversation to determine which section of the floor Player Two is located on. Conversation at this point is generally a mixture of law enforcement and truck driver lingo……….” Breaker breaker 1-9 we need a 10-20 on a Code 7. We have a bogey on a bear 10-4, copy, over.”

Conversation is continued as the Players stalk through the hallways becoming as stealth as possible hiding in doorways, behind hospital beds and equipment. Concealing yourself in a large group of visitors is the best way to move down long hallways undetected. Hiding in another patients room is allowed but it is highly recommended you know that patient prior to entering.

Once an opponent is spotted you are allowed to heckle them as long as you stay undetected. The Game ends when both players spot each other. However, if you are able to outrun your opponent and quickly disappear down another hallway you are allowed to do so one time to extend the Game.

Rules can be modified and changed at any time at the discretion of all Players.

You can read more about Dylan here

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