Friday, May 8, 2009

May Volunteer of the Month

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our first company as the Volunteer of the Month! Duncan / Day Advertising has been working hard on Heroes for Children's behalf since they received the call to see if they could help with the Heroes and Handbags invitation. Not only did they create the concept and design of the invitation, they were recruited to do "Snag the Bag" cards and the program too! But they didn't stop there! They have designed most of the banners, icons, and graphics on the newly designed HFC website. Plus, they have created logos for the High Five Club and HFC Kick-a-Thon (two of HFC's newest ventures).

They go above and beyond (and they do it for FREE!!!). THEY VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME to help Heroes for Children. We appreciate all of their support and look forward to continuing to work with Duncan / Day in the future!

1. How long have you been in business? 23 yrs

2. What type of work do you do? We’re a full service women-owned (certified by NCTRCA, certification number WFWB40512N0310) advertising and marketing firm. Our services include advertising, brand development, copywriting, credit card marketing, corporate identity, design, direct marketing, event planning, interactive marketing, logo design and development, marketing media planning and placement, national retail in-store promotions, newsletters, print collateral development, promotions, public relations, trade show planning and marketing, strategy development and web development. We’re also members of the Advertising Specialty Institute, which means we have access to the latest in innovative promotional items and awards. This allows us to quickly research, develop, and fulfill impactful promotions and incentive programs for our clients.

3. Employees/titles who volunteer: Leslie Duncan – COO and managing partner, Stacey Day – Creative Director and managing partner, Sabryna Lugge – Art Director, Chris Turman – Director of New Business

4. As a business, why do you choose to volunteer with HFC? We have always felt strongly about donating our time and services to various organizations over the years. We love the fact that the money raised by HFC goes directly to the families to help out with day-to-day expenses. We also think Michelle Peacock is great!

5. We love your logo, what is the story on the old ladies? Shortly after we started the business in 1986, we were doing a lot of work for some big corporations that weren't completely comfortable giving their large budgets to two young "girls" working out of a house. That’s when we decided that we needed maturity. Fast. Thus, the Old Ladies were born. What started out as a tongue-in-cheek way to create the perception of years of experience, soon became a hit with both clients and vendors, and the alter egos stuck.
6. Tell us a funny story about Duncan Day… Back in the early days we were working out of a house before it was cool. We had been in business almost a year and decided to hire our first intern. We contacted the area colleges with advertising programs and started the interview process. Leslie had to be out of the office so Stacey agreed to interview the next intern on her own. The doorbell rang and Stacey picked up Leslie’s Llaso Apso Tasha, to keep her from running out. Then, just as she was opening the door, Stacey stepped backward and tripped over her Old English Sheepdog, Marge. She fell flat on her back in the entry way in her dress and high heels. Marge yelped and Tasha ran out the door. Stacey was laughing so hard that she couldn’t get up. The poor intern was left standing in the doorway with her giant portfolio case not knowing what she was suppose to do. Should she chase after the dog or help the crazy woman up off the floor. Stacey finally composed herself, interviewed and wound up hiring the young lady.

7. Favorite places to eat: Mi Cocina, Buca di Beppo, MexiGo, Steve Fields

8. Who are your heroes? Carole Burnett, Dolly Parton, Oprah, Katherine Hepburn

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