Monday, February 1, 2010

SuperHeroes Birthday Club

Are you looking for a way to help Heroes for Children fulfill its mission of providing financial and social support to families who have kids with cancer? Do you like birthday parties? Did you know that through birthday celebrations children can help further the mission of Heroes for Children? Our SuperHeroes Birthday Club is a membership club for kids who want to be heroes by helping families with children with cancer. This kids-helping-kids program incorporates giving through children’s birthday parties, and teaches kids the value of giving to others. Many times parents are wondering what to get a child for their birthday and now you can honor your child by hosting a SuperHeroes Birday Club party.

Heroes for Children is here to help you in your fundraising ideas.
· We have inserts preprinted to include with your invitations. The inserts tell about the mission of Heroes for Children and about how your child is collecting donations in lieu of gifts.
· You may choose to make a donation in honor of your child and we will provide cards to include in your goodie bags telling about your donation to Heroes for Children.
· Need an idea for a craft? Assemble goodie bags filled with goodies for children living in the hospital.

However you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday, be sure to make the party FUN!