Monday, February 22, 2010

February volunteer of the Month

Doug Noon is the February volunteer of the month for Heroes for Children. Doug has a true heart for Heroes For Children. I am blessed to call Doug family, he is married to my sweet sister, Allison. When Taylor was first diagnosed with cancer, Doug and Allie did everything they could to help me and my family. At the time, Allie & Doug were newlyweds without kids of their own. They had lots of pre-parenting practice, so to speak, as they kept my then 19 month old daughter, Tristyn, countless days and nights. They were there for me for whatever I needed, and loved Tristyn like she was there own. Tay Tay loved her Uncle Dougie. What a blessing they were in her life and are in mine.
Last year, Doug served on the Tee off for Taylor golf committee for our annual golf tournament. He was a huge asset to our committee in making that a successful event. This year, Heroes for Children has changed the date and venue of the golf tournament. The HFC golf classic will be Monday, May 10th at noon, at Brookhaven Golf Club in Dallas. Doug is again serving as a leader on the golf committee. Doug is active in seeking sponsors for the tourney, signing letters, soliciting prizes... you name it, Doug gets it done!
HFC is also very proud to have Doug join our Board of Directors this year. Doug closely witnessed the struggles and trials parents face when they have a child diagnosed with cancer. Thank you Doug for all you do.

Name, Occupation:

Doug Noon

I’m a C.P.A and Senior Director with Riveron Consulting. Riveron Consulting provides financial and accounting due diligence services to clients involved in an acquisition and/or in need of finance and accounting services, such as an interim CFO, controller, or special accounting/finance projects.

How did you get involved with HFC?

I’m the Uncle of Taylor Brewton. During Taylor’s battle with cancer, my wife, Allison, and I played every part we could to assist her parents while they cared for Taylor during Taylor’s eleven months of cancer treatment. I have played in all of the HFC golf classics. In 2009, I served on the HFC golf classic committee. In the current year, I have taken on the role of the chair of the sponsorship sub-committee for the 2010 HFC golf classic and joined the Board of Directors.

Do you have any kids and/or pets?

I have three children. I have a daughter, Wesley, who is seven and in first grade. Wesley loves to dance and play soccer. I have two sons: Trevor, who is four and loves to play soccer and Jared, who is two and loves to mix it up with his older siblings.

From looking at you, no one would guess that…..

I have a torn ACL from playing soccer well past my youthful days.

Favorite place to eat:

My favorite restaurant that my wife and I like to visit yet don’t get there often enough is Amore in Dallas. Amore serves great Italian food in a quaint setting. Allison and I actually ate dinner at Amore prior to a Harry Connick Jr. concert and getting engaged later that night.

What’s on your book shelf?

I don’t really find myself reading a lot of books. It seems like most of my free time is spent with my wife and children. The most recent book I read was “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. It was a very good book about building relationships and the value of those relationships now and in the years to come.

What’s in your iPod/CD changer?

I like to listen to good old rock & roll. My all time favorite group would have to be U2.

Who’s your hero?

My hero is my Dad. My Dad has been married to my Mom for 51 years, raised and put five children through college, a successful businessman, active volunteer, and not least a devout Christian. My Dad has been a leading example of how I want to live my life. I can only hope that my children will be able to say the same about me someday.

Monday, February 1, 2010

SuperHeroes Birthday Club

Are you looking for a way to help Heroes for Children fulfill its mission of providing financial and social support to families who have kids with cancer? Do you like birthday parties? Did you know that through birthday celebrations children can help further the mission of Heroes for Children? Our SuperHeroes Birthday Club is a membership club for kids who want to be heroes by helping families with children with cancer. This kids-helping-kids program incorporates giving through children’s birthday parties, and teaches kids the value of giving to others. Many times parents are wondering what to get a child for their birthday and now you can honor your child by hosting a SuperHeroes Birday Club party.

Heroes for Children is here to help you in your fundraising ideas.
· We have inserts preprinted to include with your invitations. The inserts tell about the mission of Heroes for Children and about how your child is collecting donations in lieu of gifts.
· You may choose to make a donation in honor of your child and we will provide cards to include in your goodie bags telling about your donation to Heroes for Children.
· Need an idea for a craft? Assemble goodie bags filled with goodies for children living in the hospital.

However you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday, be sure to make the party FUN!