Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Logos Galore!

Several times a week, we hear compliments on the Heroes for Children logo. It is represents the mission, vision, and inspiration of Heroes for Children so perfectly. The two angels, Taylor and Allie, at the center and heart of our work. How fitting.

This wasn't an easy process. Remember, we were originally Taylor's Angels, with an adorable angel logo already in place. When I joined, we wanted something to represent Allie too. Our poor graphic artist, Christy Mensi, agreed to help us. We told her that Allie loved giraffes. They were her trademark item--the thing everyone associated with her. So, here was our thought--giraffes, angels, and the name Heroes for Children, ok? Not ok. 17 tries after hearing us say, "oh, that's nice, but it isn't the one," Christy took it upon herself to come up with what became our brand. "We love it! It's perfect! Exactly what we were wanting!" we exclaimed. Not sure--but I like to imagine that Christy eye rolled a bit at us and was happy with her final product.

But in the past few years, Christy has been commissioned more than once to help with more logos. I give you the other great logos--

Our most recent addition...

Seriously, do you know how much I LOVE those?
Be on the lookout for the most current logo project, for our newly created Texas Hold'em Tournament (coming to Dallas November 1st!) very soon. Christy is once again very patiently listening to our suggestions and changes to help us create the perfect fit for us.
Christy--thank you, thank you! Heroes for Children would not be what it is today without you. We're blessed and honored to have your talent, support, and wonderful support behind the mission of Heroes for Children!


Anonymous said...

Christy rocks!!!

christy said...

Thanks so much for that. I really appreciate it! And yes, there was a little eye-rolling on my part, but in the end it all worked out!!! You really should have posted some of the early potential logos. That would have been a walk down memory lane. I have all of them archived by the way, in case you ever need them :)

Working with you, Larissa, and everyone else affiliated with HFC has been the greatest freelance job I've ever had. I wouldn't trade any of the probably close to 50 logo ideas for the world.

And just so you know, I will always be here for HFC. Allie and Taylor's stories touched me in a way that nothing ever has, and my goal is to make sure that HFC looks it's BEST (in print and on the web!) no matter what the event or occasion.

Much love,
Christy Mensi

Heroes for Children said...

Christy--I found the original samples today when I was writing this post. Man, did we ever have you heading in the wrong direction! HA!

Donna said...

Yay Christy!!!

justmommy said...

All the logos are great! Christy is very talented. This got me thinking about HFC clickable banners-to direct you to the HFC website, to put up on myspace, etc. Is there one available? You know Brandon needs one on his page! :)

Erin Oldfield

Penny said...

Christy is amazing.

Tracy said...

Miss "Sparkly Magic" is the best!!! She is always willing to lend her creative brain for a great cause! She is a great friend and a great graphic designer.