Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Most Adorable Little Pet Shop

Why we are here!! See below for one family's journey with Leukemia.

“This is the story of Mycha’s battle against childhood cancer. She is a beautiful 5 year old who loves animals (especially horses and unicorns), making crafts, reading, and playing. Her spirit is as bright as the sun.

Mycah was diagnosed with (ALL) Leukemia September 2007.

It started as a persistent fever that wouldn’t go away with normal dr. visit and antibiotic. She was sleepy a lot and just wasn’t improving with the normal treatments. After a couple of dr. visits, we took her to the ER in Waxahachie on Tuesday night, September 18. She was immediately transferred by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Dallas with scary low blood counts.

For 3 agonizing days, we waited for bone marrow biopsies, spinal taps, and tests to render a diagnosis. “Leukemia”…. The word just hung in the air as my worst fears were confirmed by the doctors.

Mycah went straight into remission after only a few chemo treatments. We made the decision to then place Mycah in a clinical trial where she was randomized into one of four treatment arms. The decision was extremely difficult, but was made in faith.

Mycah bagan “Maintenance Therapy” in April of 2008. She goes for chemo in the clinic once a month and will do so for the next 2 years. She has had much success through the tough 7 months of intense chemo treatments. She is in remission, has not been readmitted to the hospital since her initial diagnosis week, has sailed through her protocol chemo phases and is doing great! We are gracious for all of these miracles.

We would like to especially thank the Heroes for Children organization for their support during this time. Cancer puts a strain on families in many ways and we are thankful for the role Heroes for Children has played in our journey. We are touched by the generosity and legacy of Taylor Anne and Allison Leigh. Our prayers are with this organization as well as the families who suffered such a loss for its sake.”

Thank you all for being supporters of Heroes for Children. Because of you, we are able to help adorable pet lovers like Mycah and her famiy.

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