Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Name, New Look

Thank you to everyone that has contributed a name idea for our Name This Blog Contest. We're excited to unveil both the new name and new look of the Heroes for Children blog, HEROES HEARTBEAT.

Thank you to Jillian in AUSTRALIA (how crazy is that? Our winner is from Australia. Our Texas charity sure is doing BIG things!) for your name submission. You have won a blog makeover from Ruby & Roja.

What do you think of the new digs? We sincerely hope you like it. The summer was a slower time for our staff, allowing us time to rejuvenate and energize for our fall season. Be on the lookout for more updates on this blog in the upcoming months regarding volunteers (Volunteer of the Month section will be back this month!), and inspirational stories of those cancer patients that inspire us each day.

And so we ask you--what do you want us to write about? What would you like to see on this blog?


Jill said...

WOW that's amazing! I never win anything!! I love the new look for your blog. It's not so suprising that you have readers from all over the world, your work is so inspiring! Thanks heaps - I'm very excited about a blog makeover! Just let me know if you need me to do anything :-) Jill (email jillandnick at bigpond dot com)

Melissa said...

Ooh! I love it! Congratulations Jill! :)

Great new look for an awesome cause! :)

Minivan Mom said...

I know this could run into privacy snafus, but IF you had permission from families via the social workers, I would love to see a monthly human interest story about the families you help.

I even know a super mega wicked awesome writer who would be willing to volunteer her time to do the pieces, even though she is completely psychotically overwhelmed with teaching. Because THAT'S how much she loves HFC. I'm just sayin'.

HollyH said...

Absolutely LOVE it! Perfect name, and perfect new design!