Monday, February 9, 2009

The Face of Hope

A year ago Tresman was told he wouldn’t see his 17th birthday. On January 24th, 2009, HFC helped Tresman celebrate his 17th birthday. His 16th birthday went uncelebrated, because of the looming prognosis and ongoing treatment, but Tresman never stopped fighting. In Waco, he is known as “The Face of Hope”.

Tresman and his mother sent us a wonderful thank you note after the party with pictures. Below is an excerpt from this wonderful young man.

“This was one of the most memorable birthdays I have ever had. I am thankful for guys like you who care about terminal children like me. Sometimes we’re left behind or not included in things. In Waco I’m called “The Face of Hope”. It’s Heroes for Children who gives me that hope. Thanks once again.

I was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma in October of 2004. It’s very rare, but I am beating all odds. I wasn’t supposed to have seen the age of 17. I want to keep the hope alive- I still have to graduate 2010.”


Tresman (Cancer’s Enemy)

What a gracious and happy young man! I had the pleasure of meeting him and his family at the Holiday Heroes party in Fort Worth in December and they are a wonderful family.

To many more birthdays Tresman!

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