Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Very Own Superhero

Last month, my oldest turned 6. Brayden knows where I work and what I do at Heroes for Children. I get him involved with different programs, such as Heroes Milestones, as much as I can. Brayden’s favorite Heroes for Children event is the 5K. He is already bugging me about when it will be again and counting down the months until September 13th.


When it came time to plan Brayden’s birthday party at the bowling alley, I brought up one more program that Heroes for Children does…Superhero Birthday Club. He wasn’t sold at first. He was perplexed about not getting any presents but I did remind him that Mommy and Daddy would still give him gifts, as well as our family. I told him he would get a Superhero Birthday Club award, free entry into the 5K and a special button to wear showing that he is a Superhero. It took about all of 3 seconds for him to decide that yes, he was going to be a Superhero. Instead of his friends bringing him gifts, he was going to ask them to bring monetary donations for Heroes for Children and kids battling cancer.
It was a proud moment for me as a mom. But I wasn’t the only proud mom. One of Brayden’s friends made a sacrifice for HFC as well. Cole, age 6, donated his week’s allowance to Heroes for Children in honor of Brayden’s birthday. Cole’s donation touched our family and Brayden. Tears filled up my eyes when Brayden told my husband and I that he, too, wanted to donate money from his piggy bank to kids battling cancer.

Logo drawn by Cole, age 6

Brayden is looking even more forward to the 5K this year to show off his button and I am confident that next year he will be a Superhero once again. I’m one proud mommy!

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