Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Olympic Tae Kwon Do Champions Visit Texas Children's Cancer Center

Photo: (from left) Steven, Mark, Jean, and Diana Lopez with patient Sebastian

Texas Children's Cancer Center had a special group of visitors to the outpatient clinic this week on behalf of Heroes for Children. Olympic champions in the sport of Tae Kwon Do, the Lopez family joined by several members of their training team, visited cancer patients on Monday, August 17th. Eldest brother and Olympic coach, Jean Lopez, announced his family's support of Heroes for Children, then led a demonstration of his training athletes in some Tae Kwon Do moves. Afterwards, parents and children enjoyed personal visits with the athletes.

Heroes for Children is so proud to have supporters such as the Lopez family. Jean, Steven, Mark, and Diana are truly HEROES in our eyes. Their dedication and passion for their sport is evident in everything that they do. I am continually impress with their skills. More than that, I am so impressed with their family values. They are a unique family--very close, loving, and supportive of each other. They are proud of their accomplishments yet they are not ones to boost. They have been very kind and willing to help Heroes for Children both through our fundraising efforts and through the interaction with the patients. This summer, Diana personally visited a young woman battling leukemia in the hospital. This young lady is a Tae Kwon Do athlete herself and misses the sport while battling her cancer. She and Diana had a private visit one afternoon. I know this visit meant so much to the patient and I hope it was just as meaningful to Diana.

Special thanks to the entire Tae Kwon Do team who visited the cancer clinic on Monday. You really brought huge smiles to those kids!!

A few pictures from the day:

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