Monday, June 14, 2010


Many families just finished graduation celebrations for their children and grandchildren, but for McKenna's family, celebrating her graduation was extra special. McKenna has been battling a form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma and graduation was a BIG DEAL, and her family wanted to throw her a graduation dinner to celebrate. Heroes for Children helped the family honor McKenna by fulfilling their request through HFC's Heroes Milestones program. McKenna and her family invited family and friends to dinner the Sunday following her graduation to celebrate this milestone in McKenna's life. However, McKenna almost missed her own party!

Unfortunately when dealing with cancer you, little things can cause big consequences. After attending graduation on Friday, McKenna tripped and fell and skinned her knees. She brushed it off and continued on with her day, but the next morning she wasn't feeling well and started running a temperature (which gets you an automatic trip to the ER when you are battling cancer.) At the hospital, McKenna found out her blood counts were low and she had to be admitted to the hospital overnight. She wouldn't be released until her blood test results confirmed that her counts were back up.  She spent Saturday night in the hospital and was hoping that she would be released in time for her graduation party Sunday evening.  Luckily her counts climbed back high enough that they released her just in time for her graduation dinner.  And what a celebration it was!! 

While at the dinner, Heroes for Children presented McKenna with a Laptop through the Laptops for Love program, which provides laptops to teens battling cancer. McKenna was very excited to receive the laptop - she plans to stay in touch with her friends and use it while attending college in the fall.  McKenna is just one of many children Heroes for Children helps through its social assistance programs.  To learn more, visit our website at

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