Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Heroes- Team Pro-Spirit

Almost 3 years ago, my girls started doing competitive cheerleading at Pro-Spirit in Mckinney. I must admit, I wondered, what on earth am I getting myself into?! Little did I know what an incredibly awesome experience it would be not just for them, but for me as well. You see, Pro-Spirit does not just train amazing athletes, (yes, these kids ARE athletes!). They teach the kids to be thankful and appreciative for their strength, their health and the opportunities that they have before them. The gym owners, Diana and Jeff Miller, teach them to give back to their community and the importance of philanthropy at a young age.
Each year, Pro-Spirit embraces a cause, and engages the cheerleaders and their families to support this cause. Heroes for Children is blessed to be their charity of choice this year. When we kicked off this campaign, I spoke to the cheerleaders about childhood cancer and how approximately 1 in 300 children will be diagnosed with cancer. I told them about the ways HFC helps families who have a child with cancer and encouraged them to get involved, fund raise, participate in the 5K and make a difference.
Over the course of the next several months, the cheerleaders began signing up and fundraising for the Heroes for Children 5K. We were all completely taken aback though when in June, one of our very own cheerleaders, was diagnosed with cancer. The gym rallied around Lauren and her family offering prayers, support, meals, anything they could, to support Lauren and her family. Then, just a few weeks ago, another teenage girl, the sister of one of our Pro-Spirit cheerleaders, was also diagnosed with cancer. This has been a difficult journey for these families and the families at Pro-Spirit. Our kids have learned all to well the reality of childhood cancer and the importance of supporting these families during their child's battle with cancer.
I am thankful for the Pro-Spirit family and I am so PROUD that Team Pro-Spirit has over 200 members who will be participating in the 5K this Saturday!! Not only are they participating, they are FUNDRAISING!! To date, the team has raised $12,327 (and counting!!) for Heroes for Children. Watch for the sea of red "Spirit Heroes" shirts at the 5K on Saturday. Team Pro-Spirit will be walking/running/cheering in honor of our heroes, Hagan and Lauren.
Thanks Pro-Spirit for being TRUE HEROES for kids with cancer.

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