Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Glitch on the Blog

Dear HFC blog suscribers,

Many of you have subscribed to the Heroes for Children Blog through the FeedBlitz registration on this site. We apologize that you have not received updates in the past week to the Heroes for Children Blog. We had a minor glitch that has now been repaired. We hope that you will now begin receiving your e-mail updates that they site has been updated.

There are several new updates to the HFC blog, including a very touching personal account from one mother learning of her child's cancer diagnosis. Please be sure to catch up if you missed any blog entries, post your comments, and help us spread the word! If you have a Blogspot, MySpace, or other website, be sure to link us.

A banner is available for you to put on your own page as well! E-mail me at jscott@heroesforchildren.org if you would like the text to add the banner to your site. Thanks to our supporter, Penny, for creating this awesome banner for us to use.

I appreciate your support and love for Heroes for Children. If there is a topic you would like to see on the HFC Blog, please let me know.

Thank you,

Jenny Scott

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Aunt2abcd said...

I dont know how to create a blog but wanted to know if you could all keep little Austin's family in ur prayers. He died on Saturday from Neuroblastoma. He lived in San Antonio Texas. I do not know him personally, but he really touched my life and was a really precious little boy.

Here is is pages