Sunday, April 29, 2007

A little group participation

Inspired by my photographer friend, the talented Jen Weintraub of Sugar Photography, I thought this blog could use a little group participation!

Time for a Q&A session!

What's your question? It can be about childhood cancer, fundraising, volunteering, Heroes for Children specific questions, etc. We don't claim to have all the answers--our office consists of three moms, two of whom experienced childhood cancer on a very personal level with our daughters. But oncologists, social workers, and child life therapists we aren't (but can I tell you how much we HIGHLY respect them? Some of the biggest HEROES for children out there!). To get the answers, we'll consult those we know to find out what you want to know.

Your participation will make a difference with this Q&A session. Simply write your question in the comments section below. We'll find out the answers in one entry in the near future.

I'll start--The question I want to know is how to get young children to swallow the not so fun medicine. I bet the nurses working with kids will have a few tricks they can share!


Tracey R. said...

Great idea!

I have one for the medical social workers: did they do anything to particular to "specialize" in oncology or pediatrics, or did they do the general medical sw training and then by virtue of their job placement, work primarily with those families?

Amanda said...

I'd like to know more about the background of Heros and Handbags. How did this fundraiser idea come to be? How far in advance do you begin working on the event? Did you run into any problems getting pursues donated?

christy said...

On average, how many applications for assistance does HFC receive in a week?

What is the most common thing for families request assistance?

What is the most unusual thing HFC's ever been requested to assist with financially?

How do handle so many successful fundraisers? It is just Jenny, Larissa, and Cheryl as your office manager right?