Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heroes Necklace for Sale

Bryn + McKenna is offering the "Heroes Necklace" with 50% of the proceeds to benefit the efforts of Houston Heroes and Handbags.

In 2006, Designer Nancy Peters heard the story of Heroes for Children and the expansion efforts into Houston. Inspired by Taylor Brewton and Allie Scott, Nancy decided to use her talent of creating hip, functional jewlery to benefit the cause. The Heroes Necklace was presented to me at the end of February at an Underwriters Party at Tootsie's in Houston. Using the red heart of the HFC logo as her starting point, Nancy integrated red stones with dangling hearts. One turqoise bead serves as the remembrance bead--remembering both the spirits and hearts of Taylor and Allie, as well as remembering every child served by Heroes for Children.

Personally, I only wear two necklaces. Most days, you will see me with a necklace with two dangling charms--each a black and white picture of my gorgeous daughters Allie and Maggie. This necklace is so special to me that I have not found another that I am willing to wear instead. That is, until the Heroes Necklace. I proudly wear the Heroes Necklace and share the story. Help share the story of Heroes for Children with your purchase of the Heroes Necklace today!

Jenny Scott

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Penny said...

Oh they are so pretty :) I hope they sell like hot cakes :)