Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hold 'Em for Heroes

Our new men's event, Hold ’Em for Heroes was a huge success bringing in a new breed of Heroes for Children supporters… the husbands!!

Hold ’Em for Heroes was held on October 25, 2007 with over 100 men showcasing their exemplary (or should I say novice) poker skills. The men had a blast playing Texas Hold’Em and re-donating for the cause. The highlight of the evening was the live auction for the Laptops for Love Program. At first, the men bought 13 laptops but once we mentioned the fact that the ladies bought 17 laptops at Heroes and Handbags a few months back, the hands started flying. We ended up selling 19 laptops. This means 19 teenagers will be able to connect to the outside world during their treatment!

Thanks to everyone who made the event a huge success. We are so excited to spread our mission to a new breed of HFC supporters!

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