Sunday, October 28, 2007

16 families, $12,000, 1 laptop, 1 week

Yes, you read that right. This past week, Heroes for Children provided 16 families with more than $12,000 for direct financial assistance as well shipped one laptop to a teenager receiving treatment at Cook Children's in Fort Worth. Let me tell you about a few of these families:

  • 11 year old boy with Germ Cell Carcinoma and a 6 year special needs brother. Living more than 45 minutes from Texas Children's Hospital, the family travels for treatment and incurs extra expenses due to the son's cancer. HFC will pay rent and utilities for November.
  • 10 year old girl on a ventilator. Her battle with her cancer has come to an end, and the social worker requested assistance towards the young lady's funeral as the parents made the difficult decision to come off the vent.
  • Grandmother raising five of her grandchildren with little involvement from the mother. Grandfather the sole breadwinner of the family, and one of the children battling cancer.
  • Six month old baby born with cancer that has lived in the hospital since she was born. Devastatingly sad.
  • Utility assistance for a family who has been in the cancer battle for more than FOUR years. The strain has become so difficult on the single mother of three and her lights were disconnected on Wednesday afternoon. Within less than six hours, Heroes for Children got them turned back on!

The stories continue. It is such an honor to continue to help families at this level. With the success of our fundraising events (such as our INCREDIBLE, fun, awesome Hold'Em for Heroes event last week--great job, Christi!!), support from individuals and corporations, and benefit events, Heroes for Children is able to provide the necessary relief that is lacking for so many of these families.

Thank you for being apart of this solution for us!


christy said...

Wooohoooo! Way to go HFC. This post is just what I needed to read on a Monday morning. Very inspiring indeed.

Can't wait to hear all about Hold 'Em for Heroes :)

The Nanny said...

The work you're doing is just incredible. Awesome job, HFC!

The Hoodies said...

My heart aches for those families, but I am so glad HFC is there to help them. Thank you for all you do--each one of you is truly amazing!

michael gibbons said...

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