Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December Volunteer of the Month

I'm a little late this month on posting our Volunteer of the Month, but not because she didn't get me the information in time. She did. In November. And yet, with so many recent blog entries, I haven't fit in one about my favorite paramedic in Houston.

I don't think it is possible for me to say enough good things about Pat Locke and her sweet, caring nature. She is the Volunteer Chair of our Heroes and Handbags Houston event for the second year now and never misses a meeting--even in the middle of a 24 hour shift or after a full day of no sleep. My favorite thing Pat has done with us this year is helping coordiate all the efforts for Holiday Heroes in Houston. Four families were "adopted" for Holiday Heroes this year. Pat coordinated Handbags volunteers with team captains and volunteers assigned to each individual family. She shopped for a total of four hours, wrapped one family's gifts, and even got her daughter Hanna's friends to help make ornaments! This week, thanks to Pat's leadership, all the families will receive their gifts, trees, and even meals from their team captains. You know--coordinating volunteer efforts in a city where you aren't based isn't easy. But with Pat's help, it sure is a lot easier than it would be!

So--I give you Pat Locke, our December Volunteer of the Month!

Name, Age, Occupation:

Pat Locke
41 years old
Paramedic Field Supervisor, Montgomery County Hospital District EMS

How did you get involved with HFC?

Randal Locke, my husband’s brother… you know the story (October Volunteer of the Month!)! He’s SOOO passionate about HFC. It’s hard not to get caught up.

Do you have any kids and/or pets?

I have 3 awesome children: Nathan (fantastic musician and guitarist), Seth (3.75 GPA after his first 2 semesters in college – yeah!) and Hanna (incredible athlete, champion of numerous causes for the weak and downtrodden and quite the free spirit). All 3 are such independent thinkers – can talk about almost any issue (politics, religion, economy). I love it! They definitely are not afraid to disagree. They are my life’s work. I am so blessed to be their mom and am amazed every day.

I have 2 dogs – Dixie – Princess Dixie – the greatest dog (a flashy fawn boxer) in the world ever and Cash (as in Johnny), who is a lab PUPPY. Oh my. Love my dogs. They are inside, lap dogs. Cash: What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine and where’s the party?! And then Dixie: “Oh, you’re gonna be in touble!! I’m going to sit over here and watch.”

From looking at you, no one would guess that…..

I’ve climbed two 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado.

Favorite place to eat:

Place? As in singular…just 1? Yikes. What day is it? Chuey’s…I guess.

What’s on your book shelf?

I’m an avid reader so I keep lots of books around and read parts of them randomly and over and over…here are a few:

Eat, Love & Pray by someone I can’t think of right now
Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado (he’s from my hometown of Andrews – great guy!)
How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must by Ann Coulter
A vast array of Daniel Goleman books on Emotional Intelligence and leadership
Last, but not least, The Sweet Potato Queens! Always good for a laugh

What’s in your iPod/CD changer?

Oh wow. Music is a huge part of my life. James Taylor, Cross Canadian Ragweed, George Winston, Rodrigo y Gabriella (instrumental guitar), Reckless Kelly, Chris Cornell, Ben Danaher, The Eagles, Bon Jovi…

Who’s your hero?

My mother, who handled life, and death, with such grace, poise, wisdom and dignity. She taught by example and loved her family. I am blessed to be able to say I was truly raised by such an amazing woman.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pat! Job well done!!

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