Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Heroes Delivers!

Our new program Holiday Heroes has proven to be a huge success! We delivered to our first family last week. I had the pleasure of joining one of our Holiday Heroes groups deliver their gifts to the family. We took bags and bags full of wrapped presents, a Christmas tree, a tub of ornaments and decorations to the family.

Trevon (nine year old with osteosarcoma) and his two siblings were there to help decorate their house for Christmas. There were Christmas carols, kisses, and hugs all around between the children. It was the most precious scene!

The highlight of the visit was when Trevon collapsed, in jest, to the floor after opening up an envelope with signed pictures from his favorite wrestlers. He couldn’t believe his eyes! Just wait until he opens the rest of his gifts. Thanks to our awesome volunteer Megan, who contacted WWE to get memorabilia and signed pictures of his favorite wrestlers, Trevon will have WWE gifts a plenty!

Heroes for Children and the wonderful Holiday Heroes volunteers have ensured that this Christmas will be a beautiful memory for Trevon and his family to cherish for a lifetime.


Tracey R. said...

Heroes for Children ROCKS!!!

Erin said...

Not only do I love the pictures but I love that Trevon and his family will have all they need this holiday season. God Bless Heroes and all that they do!!!

Megan Williamson said...

Can I just say, this is the BEST new program at HFC for volunteers to be able to get involved in personally with the family's the organization is able to help everyday! This was by far the most rewarding thing I've ever been able to do. Thank you Jenny for putting together such a fantastic new program and allowing me to be a part of it. HFC provides all the financial needs for the program, they only request your time and commitment to each family selected. To be able to shop and put all this together for the Williams family and then to present it to them and see the impact it made on them was beyond gratifying.
This has been the best Christmas for me only because I was able to do this with HFC for Trevon. I look forward to participating every year in the Holiday Heroes program.