Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heroes Milestones

Heroes for Children has some exciting new programs in the process. One of them is inspired by my experience with my friend Kira.

If you remember back to my first blog about how I found Heroes for Children, I mentioned how my friends and I held a high-school graduation party for Kira, in her hospital room. She was diagnosed with leukemia about a month before graduation and began treatment right away. She missed graduation due to a hospital stay, but her Dad wore her gown and cap (proudly displaying Kira’s Dad on top of the mortar board). Her Dad accepted her diploma for her, while my mom was holding up her cell phone to the speakers so Kira could hear her name as it was called out. Before the ceremony, I highlighted a few names before Kira’s and reminded my mom (about a million times) to make sure she remembered to call Kira in time so she could here name being called. After graduation we set out to visit her in the hospital and give her a graduation party all her own!

Kira and her parents were so appreciative that we cared so much to bring graduation to her. Being able to make life as normal as possible for Kira was extremely important. If only for that one day we took her the graduation party, we could make her feel like a normal 18 year old girl, it was all worth it.

Remembering how grateful her parents were, I was inspired to create Heroes Milestones to plan parties for the families, who have children with cancer. Heroes Milestones is our new program to provide special parties for children with cancer. Working with the social workers, HFC volunteers, and other people from the various hospitals we will plan events for milestone events like, Quinceneras, First Communions, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Celebrations of Life, etc.


Saint Richard said...

What a fantastic idea! You HFC is really such a wonderful organization.

Adrianne said...

What a great idea! Let me know if I can help in the south DFW area!!

Tracey Robinson said...

Sweet! Here to help in Austin.

Erin said...

LOVE LOVE The idea!!!