Friday, October 5, 2007

Newest Addition to Heroes for Children

This afternoon, I got to hold the precious new addition to Heroes for Children--Lilly Anne Linton. Angel Taylor's fourth sibling was born yesterday afternoon, weighing in at just 6 lbs 1oz and a little over 18 inches long. Precious Lilly entered the world with the love of her parents and grandmother by her side. Not long after, she got her introduction to big sisters Tristyn and Tessa, and big brother Luke! Both mom and baby are doing great and adjusting to each other well. Let's see how Luke adjusts to having another baby in the house!

Ten toes, ten fingers, a beautiful face, a tiny body, and a perfect little nose. She is simply gorgeous. Not that I expected any less given how good looking her parents and siblings are! I couldn't be happier for my sweet friend.

Please join me in welcoming the newest Linton to the world!

Check the blog again soon--I hope to have pictures soon! And no--just because I held a sweet newborn does NOT mean I am ready to have another myself! I am perfectly content to cuddle this sweet one and give her back to her parents!

Congratulations Larissa, Kenny, Tristyn, Tessa, and Luke. How lucky Lilly is to have such a wonderful family to join.


Tracey Robinson said...

Welcome to the world Lilly, and congrats to all the Lintons! I can believe she was so petite given how Larissa looked at the walk - way too cute for being 9 months pregnant!

So happy for all of you.

The Nanny said...

Welcome, baby Lilly!

Marlena said...

Congratulations Larissa and Kenny!! I am so happy for you both. Can't wait to see some pictures :)

Queen In My House of Blue said...

I am just catching up!!! CONGRATS!!! She is beautiful!!!