Monday, October 1, 2007

October Volunteer of the Month

It's the beginning of the month, so it's time for our volunteer feature. The October Volunteer of the Month has been involved since the beginning of Heroes for Children, and since the beginning of Taylor's Angels. Serving as the Chairman of the Board for two years and currently as a Board Member, Randal Locke has been a dedicated member of our team. Currently, Randal is fundraising for the Golf-a-Thon day, putting his golf skills to work to play 50 holes in one day. To support his fundraising, please visit Randal's page HERE.

Randal--thank you so much for your love and dedication. I'm honored to know you and call you my friend.

Name, Age, Occupation:
Randal Locke, 42, Computer Consultant in the Help Desk Industry

How did you get involved with HFC?
I knew Taylor Anne Brewton who was my honored hero with Team in Training for my first marathon. She actually got sick again and passed during my tenure with TNT for my first marathon. It was my first real experience with children with cancer and its effect on the finances of the family. I got to know Larissa very well and joined the Board of Taylor’s Angels several years back and then we became Heroes for Children.

Do you have any kids and/or pets?
I have 1 Son Steven who is 34 and 4 dogs (Chester, Yvette, Sydney and Sheldon.)

From looking at you, no one would guess that…..
I can sing pretty well. Mostly country songs or wedding songs.

Favorite place to eat:
Hooters – Love the Wings and Fried Pickles…..

What’s on your book shelf?
Pictures, I read and watch movies.

What’s in your iPod/CD changer?
George Strait….and other country tunes

Who’s your hero?
As a kid my hero was my Terry Bradshaw, former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I saw him always making the plays that made a difference in a game when it counted. Then after joining Heroes for Children, my hero changed. I now see that these kids that are dealing with cancer and all of the ups and downs associated with these dreadful diseases are truly Heroes. They fight day in and day out for that extra day, week, month, year of life. They keep a smile on their face, loving life and living in the moment, truly taking everything that they can from life itself. These kids are my new Heroes. Maybe someday, they can all just be kids, but, while there is cancer, there are Heroes. And while there are Heroes, there will be Heroes for Children there to lend a helping hand.

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