Monday, October 27, 2008

Laptops for Love holds a very special place in my heart. Created in memory of cancer patient, Jordan Morgan, it is an avenue to provide a relief to the isolation and depression many teens experience during their cancer experience. It is a way to allow them to stay connected with friends and family in a time in their life when their social life and friends far outweigh other issues in their life. So far this year, Heroes for Children has provided more than sixty-five laptops to teens living in the hospital with cancer. Already today, we have received three applications for teens living at both Children's Medical Center of Dallas and Cook Children's of Ft. Worth.

While I can tell you the benefits of a laptop, I think it is best explained through the words of a social worker in an application placed today. The application is for a sixteen year old young man. The laptop will be delivered this week. Here it is:
Patient has completed treatment. He had to repeat the ninth grade. Before his diagnosis he was an A student. Now he is a B and C student. He recently had neuropsychological testing. He is having trouble with his memory and is struggling with algebra and chemistry. He is not in school full time due to not feeling well. The family has one computer, and mom has requested a laptop for Carson's use. Before patient's diagnosis both parents were working, and now only dad is working full time. They have to pay patient's school tuition which was discounted in the past when mom taught at his school. They also have medical bills.
Thankfully, we have a supply of laptops available for distribution and this young man will not have to wait to get his laptop through Laptops for Love.

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