Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mia's Valiant Battle

This precious little girl Mia sadly lost her life to cancer, but because of Heroes for Children, both of her parents were able to be with her for the final days of her life. The day before Mia passed away her parents had written us a thank you note for the financial assistance we had sent them, but before they had to time to drop the letter in the mail, precious Mia passed away. Below are their letters to Heroes for Children.

9/20/08- Letter written to HFC a day before Mia passed away
You have been very kind to our family and we will never forget your kindness. It’s a beautiful legacy your children Taylor and Allison have with Heroes for Children. Children are a great inspiration. My family’s life has also been inspired by our youngest daughter Mia. She has taught us many things. We will never be the same from this experience. We pray we become better people for our family, friends, and society. As something as wonderful as Heroes for Children has blossomed from the passing of your beautiful children, we too pray for something wonderful when Mia passes. Mia has fought and fought. Unfortunately, the doctors say the cancer will take her life. Your help during these times has been very important. As you already know, finances don’t go away no matter what tragedy your family may be in. And it’s also easy to forget the rest of the world when one of your children is so terribly sick. Thank God your organization exists for us who forget the world keeps turning regardless if you’re there or not. God’s best to your organization.

9/24/08- Note scribbled on the back of Mia’s funeral card
Thank you so much for your support. You can read Mia’s obituary in the Star Telegram. We love and miss her very much. Thank you for allowing us to concentrate our efforts on her life. Your support provided us to do this.

These letters are a testament to how vital financial assistance is for these families so they can focus on the child and not have to worry about other trivial life matters.


Mia's family. said...

A small glimpse of Mia's journey can be read at

Her care page name is MiaSantana as written.

Thank you.

Crys said...

Thank you for this posting. It is so beautiful. What a darling little girl- How great it must feel to know you helped her and her kind family.